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Vinod Krishnan

Managing Director and Chief Software Architect

Vaishakh Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Vinod Krishnan's journey from running a humble cloth shop in a small town to helming Vaishakh Solutions as its Managing Director is nothing short of inspirational. At a time when India was trending towards offshore software service provision, Vinod saw a different path. His vision was clear: to cultivate in-house software products that would stand out in a saturated market.

His natural aptitude for problem-solving and creativity initially led him to the software world as a freelancer, where he crafted tailored software solutions for local enterprises. Recognized for his prowess, he soon became a sought-after problem solver for major software companies. Yet, his entrepreneurial spirit remained undimmed.

In 2006, Vinod founded Vaishakh Solutions with an aim to forge its own niche in software product development. Its inception as a proprietorship was a testament to his hands-on approach, and by 2011, with products that resonated in the market, the venture was re-established as a Private Limited Company.

Over the years, Vinod's extraordinary skills in problem-solving, design, and creativity have navigated Vaishakh Solutions through India's dynamic business landscape. And he's done it all without external investments or partners, a testament to his vision and leadership.


Praveena Ramachandran 

Director and CFO

Vaishakh Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Praveena Ramachandran stands at the nexus of financial acumen, technical prowess, and visionary leadership. As a founding director of Vaishakh Solutions Pvt. Ltd., she brings to the table over a decade of multifaceted expertise. It's not just her impressive educational credentials, from an MBA in Finance to a Bachelor's degree in Computer Application, both from the esteemed Bharathiar University, that set her apart. It's also her relentless pursuit of excellence, evident in her completion of the challenging Internal Auditors Training Program by TUV India Pvt Ltd.

In her capacity as Director and CFO, Praveena is the driving force behind Vaishakh Solutions' financial trajectory and strategic endeavors. Beyond the balance sheets and financial statements, she oversees the nuances of company affairs with a sharp eye on compliance. Her specialized skill set in staff and customer performance auditing amplifies the firm's operational efficiency.

But perhaps, her most notable strengths lie in her ability to nurture business relationships. From suppliers and service providers to cherished clients, Praveena's negotiation prowess and understanding of people have cultivated an environment of mutual growth and respect. Her keen sense of the ever-evolving business landscape, combined with her aptitude for timely financial decisions, has been instrumental in navigating Vaishakh Solutions through challenges, be it global pandemics or fluctuating government policies.

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